Come on in! Phase 3.

Welcome to my Christmas home.  Pretend you are on a housewalk, and I will guide you!

My house has a really typical floorplan, and it is old enough that it is not open in style- a good thing as I am not a star housekeeper, and this way one room in disarray does not make the whole house seem chaotic.  It is built like an H- with the living and family rooms forming the left side, and the dining room and kitchen forming the right post.  The cross bar is the staircase, and the dining area of the kitchen.  Behind the attached garage is the “5th bedroom/den/laundry room”- or in my case, sunroom.

Today, we take a left turn and visit the living room.

This space is the most unused in the house, though I love it, and it gets a bit of sun.  I am North-South, and my house is DARK.   We rarely use this space, which is typical, I guess.  I brought back so much of my parents’ furnishings that I ended up redecorating around them.  I have Venetian plaster on the walls, and it feels and looks like butter.  Has a few stress cracks, but I choose to ignore them.  We will probably open gifts here this year, in shifts, as Justine is on duty at Northwestern Hospital for all 3 days of the weekend.  In the corner is a  baby grand piano that is never played unless Matt is expansive- but I am going to house it until some grandchild will take lessons. It takes up a lot of space, and mostly functions as a place to park photographs.  I wish it was a player piano!

Tomorrow I will take you to the dining room and kitchen, then the sunroom.  We will finish with the family room.

I made an honest woman of myself, and finished dressing up the window wreaths.  To tell you the truth- it might be overkill.  But if my family thought I was clinically insane with the Christmas decor, they kept it to themselves, and I am grateful.

My biggest Christmas entertaining is over- the Joliat Christmas dinner and Justine’s shower.  In theory, I can just enjoy the trimmings.  But the shopping lists for the kids will be in the e-mail….soon, I hope.  Phase 2 is the part I am NOT nuts about.  Malls.  But I even have a system for that….We’ll talk.

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