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For eight years, Mary Sandberg has been the Girl Friday to my husband.  She has absorbed managerial angst, deflected Steve’s moods, and kept his professional life chugging along.  She was instrumental in the launch of the podcast, and has been a model inhabitant of the basement studio where the Dahlcast was created, nurtured and continues... Read more »

Home Stretching

Home Stretching
The holiday is coming together. Steve’s Dad,  Roger,  has ventured to the midland, forsaking the decorated palm trees of LA for Janet’s snow globe.  It is his second difficult season in a row- last year, adapting to life without Carol, and this year, freshly shaken after discovering his youngest son, and his housemate, Rick dead.... Read more »

Why I accomplish Nothing

These dogs are only there as a courtesy....and because I had cheese.
Shopping is barely started, but it was a rainy day, and the furnace dude was here.  So I spent my time photographing the dogs, listening to Steve on WLS and playing with the Picnik photo application.  I don’t feel great about it, but I’ll get over it.

Phase 6: the family room,and a grateful farewell...

Pictures from lots of Past Christmases....embedded in greens with lights and silvery trees.  The mirrored back bounces the light around.  Below this is the refrigerator drawer that holds pop and water...this could be a bar if we drank more.  Maybe I'll try...
I am almost agoraphobic diring the holidays- I love to just be at home, distracted by the memories embedded in every piece of Christmas clutter.  There is peace and beauty. History. In the attic, other themes are on hiatus- what I have shared are my favorites.  Next year,with Henry toddling, perhaps the 101 Dalmations tree... Read more »

The Light Shines Bright...Phase 5

As we leave the kitchen, you can see that I change the plates at the end of the refrigerator for the season.  Pat made the handprint when he was 3.  It may be on its last legs.
I know you are Christmas weary.  I will spare you the family room so you can be sufficiently dazzled by the back of the house.  This is a happy, happy part of my house, at Christmas and everyday. Click the title for the photo tour….

A momentary detour

A momentary detour
Sorry.  No more house for today. Just the cutest baby EVER. Henry at 5 months…today. I thought I would never want to be Granny Jan- now I do not care a lick what I am called.  A hug from a baby is the greatest stress reliever in the world.

On we go...

Red and gold beads, glittery stems and ornaments with wire trees, a sugar plum topiary, and a few candles and garland hiding white lights.  This stuff is looking good from far, but far from good close up.  The topiary once had 3 balls.  Patch,  patch patch.
Here we are in the heart of the house.  Turn right in the front hall, and you are in my small but cozy dining room.  Then walk straight ahead to the kitchen….you will be seeing the back yard from the garden window, or seeing the dining room if you are working at the kitchen island.... Read more »

Steve gives me a shout out....sort of

On Steve’s Friday Fox blurb, he highlighted our varying dedication to Christmas decorations.  He grinches, I glitter..Check out the Spirit of Christmas with a grimace by clicking the link….

Come on in! Phase 3.

Mom and Dad gave this to us years ago.  Poor Mr. Cow has lost an ear, but he still warms Baby Jesus with his good ear showing.  Just a ring of Garland, lights and some floral stems with sparkley snow.  The reason for the season, As we say.
Welcome to my Christmas home.  Pretend you are on a housewalk, and I will guide you! My house has a really typical floorplan, and it is old enough that it is not open in style- a good thing as I am not a star housekeeper, and this way one room in disarray does not make... Read more »

Christmas Magic, Phase 2- entry inside

Front door, gussied up
This will be a place for my Christmas mess to be edited and presented.  New today:  Front hall. I am going to travel through the house, and show you as if I was leading you through. The front hall is not a big job…but it sparkles.  I use leaves encrusted with gold and silver glitter... Read more »