Phase 1: The doorway

Phase 1:  The doorway
First Look: front door at night

I don’t want to scare you, but I am 100% decorated.  And 100% for me means I still have twenty boxes of stuff in my attic, but I am folding.  Time is a tyrant, as Garry Meier says.  I have 30 people coming to a shower on Saturday, and there really is no room for thirty people in my home- before decorations.  I’d like Pat to come out and install a closed circuit broadcast network on the family TV’s- I think we could watch the opening on various computers…but instead, we will sardine it in the name of love.

I am going to present my decorator moments in tidbits so you do not think I am nuts.  Well, I am nuts.  For Christmas, anyway.

The front door was completed before Thanksgiving, but I have a few little add-ons that I have not done due to high winds and laziness.  The doorway is complemented by two small trees and a flower box sharing the theme of red, shiny and apple green.  I started with two fake garlands (Boy Scouts are grown, boo hoo) and a constellation of styrofoam and plastic ornaments.  I got two small wreaths and a swag at Tuesday Morning, but the wreaths are too small for my picture window and need to be nestled in larger ones (on my to-do list).  They will get hung before the shower.

My inspiration is Pottery Barn, but my muse is just happiness.  The door looks nice and shimmery in the day, and glisteningly beautiful at night, due to the 2 spots that add lumens.

My tips here:  again, use cheapo lights, since they will be frozen in January and you will feel less guilty about throwing out if they tangle.  I have cup hooks in the threshold that I leave there, and I use green pipe cleaners to tie garland up.  The bows are wired ribbon, survived pretty well since last year in their bins.  All the ornaments are cheap, and I found some dollar snow flakes that have tons of glitter, and seem to be made of foam.  Lots of bang for a buck, literally.  Everything is on timers.  At 4:30, VOILA!  For the last 3 years I have used those 3M removable hangers to put wreaths on the window…so far, no catastrophes.

When you click on the front door link, you will travel to my flickr photos documenting the madness….I will add every day or so.  This is a crazy week, however- all the Joliats start to arrive Thursday night.  There is work to be done. But the decorating is in the COMPLETE column.

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