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Little blessings

My last posting emanated from despair of death.  That is a bad place to squat.  How to get out ? Look up for the light. To that end,  I have some vignettes that make me happy.  On their own, they are simply anecdotes. They testify to a greater truth:people are generally good.  This is a... Read more »


A first cursory check of my i phone brought me news of a friend’s father’s death.  He was a prince; she is an angel. He was ill- that doesn’t matter.  Death will miraculously restore him to vitality, the invalid will soon be forgotten.  The mourning is for the healthy, wonderful father, not the patient.  For... Read more »

Missing Mom

Missing Mom
In Sunday’s paper there was a blurb about how a mother’s voice releases oxytocin into the bloodstream of her children.  This chemical creates a feeling of pleasure and well being- it soothes.  Biologically, the explanation is that it represses the stress hormone cortisol.  A slush puppy like me would call it the magic of motherhood.... Read more »

On Driving and The Soundtrack of my Life

On Driving and The Soundtrack of my Life
I have waxed rhapsodic about my car in the past- it is a 2000 BMW X5.  Steve avoided the first model year glitches when he bought it for himself, and loved the oversized engine and the first generation GPS.  I have driven it for 6 years, and its reliability and durability seduce me.  The Germans,... Read more »

A tale of 2 Bears

Last week marked the release of and media circus for a new book about Walter Payton.   The revelations about his depression, girlfriend, or painkillers did not shock me.  Most of the stories about his busy life were circulated for years. If I had the spit knocked out of me like Walter Payton, I might shop... Read more »