Not sure if I like this Jeff Tweedy

Wilco has a new album coming out, and they have recently played here.  So Jeff Tweedy was kind of goofing when he decided to make fun of the Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling.   Why?

Where is the love, dude? Dissing is not a good, good thing.

I think there is room for all kinds of music in the universe.  Sure, hip hop lyrics sound funny with an acoustic guitar and spoken word.  But Wilco tunes might sound weird with a hearty dance beat.

What I find more annoying is the derision in the audience- their guffaws all indicate that they are way too cool to shake their bones to such a banal sound.


Get a few cocktails in your guts at a wedding reception, and stay anchored with sneers while the rest of the universe dances its collective ass off.  I’ll tell you who is having a better time.

Different music genres should not be circles without concentricity.  The overlap makes the world go round.  And our respect- or at least tolerance- of each other’s styles is a good thing for our culture and civilization in general.

I hope there is no response from Will i am.  It would disappoint me. He is too much of a happy cat to aggravate the cultural divide.  Easy come, easy go…..




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