Front of Sun Times:  A photo of Grant Park being returned to usable condition after Lollapalooza with a self congratulatory sign that Lolla is paying for the work.  Well, yes. Because your festival rendered it unusable.

The rain, crowds and heat are a recipe for turf damage.  This weekend of music is a sweetheart deal for the organizers, though.  To avoid all kinds of tax liabilities and the prevailing wage that Cook County government bodies must pay, the organizers partner with the Parkways foundation that “endows” Grant park in lieu of taxes and rent.    The city gets the big cardboard check, and can do an end run around union regulations that strangle other operators.  Nothing will change, since the festival is contracted until 2018.  But since the people of Chicago are barricaded from the area for an extended period of time, the park is trashed, and all of Chicago lives with the added chaos, Lollapalooza should get no special deal.

They do not make an earnest effort to provide a platform for local talent.  They have a Kids’stage, but nothing for hometown favorites.

Humbug.  Jim DeRogatis has been chasing this for years.  It is an interesting Odyssey.

No windfall profits for carpetbaggers!  Even if the former Mayor’s nephew was involved, and the current Mayor’s brother is now part of the talent management- fair is fair.

And while I am thinking of it- the Indianapolis stage collapse should give the Chicago Park District and concert promoters pause.  I watched live streaming of Lollapalooza during ridiculous storms, with electrical components.  I did not hear anyone urging concertgoers to take care.

The bands played on.  People went under trees. Not the best choice.

Everyone was fortunate…but think how exposed the guests are- with no decent shelter nearby.  Someone had better develop a contingency plan now that we have witnessed the tragic consequences of holding a crowd for a concert during a weather warning. There are garages underground that could shelter folks. Perhaps the promoters need to consider Plan B.



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