Communal Vacation

Communal Vacation
So far, the Dogs are the most relaxed....

We arrived late last night, and so the vacation is fairly embryonic.  We were too tired to eat, so Steve did a frozen Stouffer’s and I did Pinot Grigio from a box.

Great news:  Henry has arrived with his parents.  I am over the moon to have a few days together.  I have not heard a peep from Henry, and the coffee was brewed so long ago that the hot plate just turned off.  I pulled some weeds, mourned my dead flowers, and walked the dog.  I am ready to play Grandma!!!

I will post pictures this week in a Picasa album.  Please, come see our week.  I meant it when I invited you along, even if only virtually.

Today’s agenda includes grocery shopping (gin and tonic for sure, and the dogs have requested food, which I forgot to bring) and Stop 50 pizza.  Steve’s will include baseball and Bears.  Mine is open to 100% Henry.  Or whatever the day brings.  It is vacation, after all.  Woo hoo.

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