Coming Out Barbecue

Coming Out Barbecue
Baby Henry


We are fortunate in the Dahl Clan to have a Master of Ceremonies:  Mike.  He called last week to announce a barbecue.  I asked if he was hosting, and he assured me that no, we were.  He wished to lure Henry to the homefront so everyone in the family could cuddle him.  He assigned cooking duties to us, pies to him and beer to Matt.  Pat and Rachel would only have to be responsible for bringing the guest of honor.

As it turns out, Pat and Rachel had a power outage, and so they had a dry run visit on Thursday evening.  My sister was visiting, but  ditched the guest room so the Pat family could use the new crib that I have set up.  Words cannot describe how I loved having people rambling around in the house.  I jumped out of bed at 5, hoping to rock Henry for a few hours so the kids could sleep.  It was not to be.  Henry is pretty attached to his Mom and Dad.

Henry looked pretty content in the Perego buggy that I rocked and rolled all the boys in during the 80’s.  I has spent hours cleaning it, disinfecting it and ordering new linens.  It has been in the garage attic for two decades, but it is well made and did not suffer….except for the sap that wept from the roofing plywood.  The sap melted away, but it left freckle brown stains behind.  The firstborn grandchild will not rest amidst the sap!  The bonnet of the buggy has been put aside for later borns- antiseptic standards retreat with later kids.  I know- I dipped a pacifier in Coca Cola to “sterilize” it for #3.

Sunday was our first assembly as a family since the day Henry made his entrance.  Steve made peppers and Italian sausage, we steamed fresh corn and had fruit and orzo salads.  It was not a day to test new recipes.  The kids passed Henry around like the jewel that he is, and he was a beautiful guest.  The newborn stage lasts such a short time, and I presume that is a blessing when I take note of how tired Pat and Rachel look.

Turns out Henry has already been to a much bigger coming out party.  When he was 10days old, he went to the Blackhawks Fan Convention, thanks to amazing pluck and teamwork from Grandma Kathy and Rachel.  He was held by Rocky Wirtz, rocked by Coach Q, and admired by players and office management.  Because Pat was distracted by job obligations, there is not one frame of film to remind Henry of his Blackhawk roots.  I hope Patrick knows that he has ONE GOAL for the months ahead:  to get a shot of Henry on the Indian logo in the locker room.  Or in Patrick Kane’s locker.

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