The Revolution

The revolution will not be televised, and that is a good thing for me.  I am breaking into hives.   Tomorrow is the end of Blog Life as I know it, as I will be jumping, along with all Chicago Now Bloggers to a new framework. I am sure all you techno smarties know the difference between Movable Type and Word Press. Once upon a time, I used Blogger.  I do no even know if I am speaking of software, templates, formats; all I know is that change is imminent.  Word Press is supposed to be easier. I have been coaxed and guided with the best tutorials any idiot could follow. (Thank you Jimmy Greenfield.)  That does not mean that I can transition without faltering.

The timing is awful- my grandson is holding out and will not probably be born in the Movable Type era.

Steve is set to be vocally emancipated next Friday. 

 I will have a lot to say, and I would hate to generate Facebook clicks, rather than Chicago Now clicks. After all, the Tribune has been most hospitable to me, and has even paid me (a pittance- but after all these years, I consider myself a paid writer).

So I beg for your patience and help as I struggle.

I am convinced that I will ultimately be able to click a few times and get pictures, wry observations, links and all manner of content onto Janet Dahl, et al. There will also probably be gaffes and gibberish. 
 I have been working for hours today, and so far, the progress is microscopic.

I insist that I will prevail. To fade into tech chaos is not an option.

I am doing this transition warrior style, because if I let Steve or his tech guru, Ed Silha help me, I will never learn. 

 Stay with me, please. I already have separation anxiety.

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