Calling all Grandparents...and parents

Help me!  My grandson is due in 3 weeks, and I have been doing the gadfly clean up of my upstairs to make sure this home is a baby attractant.  I pulled all my relics of motherhood from the attic, and discovered that they had not aged well.  My plans to have my drop sided crib fortified withered when I saw that the paint had blistered.  Storing video consoles on the changing table proved to be more than the fiberboard could handle.  My saddest discovery was that the pine ceiling in the attic had “wept” sap from the knotholes upon my Peg Perego buggy and stroller.  The stroller is history, but I am clinging to the buggy.  It is where my boys slept when I brought them home.  I got the sap off with a WD-40 poultice, and the next step will involve a power wash.  The end game may still be ditching it, but I will not do it without a fight.

This is Baby Pat’s new home nursery, painted by big Pat.

I was planning to be a “Pack and Play” Nanna- but I have a bedroom with plenty of room for a full sized crib, and so I have wasted hours of time on the internet trying to find a crib for the child currently referred to as Baby Pat.  I do not want to break the bank, but if my sister is any basis for comparison, once babies start happening, you will be glad for a place to keep them safe from siblings, cousins and dogs.  Are there any suggestions for what I need to look for?  

My beautiful daughter in law, Rachel, at her baby shower- hosted by my sister Judy (left) with her daughter, Emma. Maybe I will take her stuff….j/k
I know- fixed sides, tight fitting mattress, no toxins, bumper pads- iffy. ( I will take the bumper controversy with a grain of salt…and do what the kids want there. All my boys were tummy sleepers with bumper ads, and they are here to terrorize me in my old age)  I know babies sleep on their backs now, tightly wrapped.  I am mostly seeking information about what stuff I really need to have to make visiting easy for the kids. 
Dipers, wipers…check.
Do I need a monitor?
My own baby clothes for emergencies? 
I just want to be ready, and not a pain in the butt.  
This is my baby stuff, awaiting 1-800 Got Junk.  Sob. It was part of a nesting/purging  that I am sure Grandparents need not have.

Also- thought Patrick insists he was kidding- do we need to have our vaccines updated for pertussis/whooping cough? I always have a flu shot, will get a pneumonia shot- and had the shingles vaccine last year.  NOTE:  I am not doing day care, and would tell the kids to stay home if I was sick.  Just wondering how serious he really was…
It is a very exciting time.  I have more questions, and will ask them incrementally so as not to overwhelm myself.  3 weeks.  I cannot wait!

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