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Woo Hoo

Bless my soul, I have transitioned!  I am so amazed that the Chicago Now staff could round oup all of us ramblers, and put us back together here. Basically, this is just a victory lap for me, since I have nothing to report on the G-ma front.  I spent the day with Rachel, and she... Read more »

The Revolution

The revolution will not be televised, and that is a good thing for me.  I am breaking into hives.   Tomorrow is the end of Blog Life as I know it, as I will be jumping, along with all Chicago Now Bloggers to a new framework. I am sure all you techno smarties know the... Read more »

The Difference

….I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference Robert Frost It has been 16 years since my husband, Steven Dahl,had a drink.   It was time.  He had... Read more »

Janet's egg casserole- A success!!!

I apologize in advance for the formatting.  I am having a tough time with the template.  I will try to repair when my tech team gets off the golf course.   1 cup buttermilk1/2 cup onion, grated or chopped1 1/2 cup monterey jack cheese1 cup cottage cheese1 cup fresh spinach, chopped1 cup chopped fresh tomatoes... Read more »

On Fathers, Daughters and Blessings

My Father’s soft edges came later in his life.  Early on, with six kids in a smallish home, an iron fist and intractable expectations were required.  He wasn’t a yeller, or really a spanker, but those possibilities were sufficiently possible that we behaved like model prisoners.  Dad had a handful of parental obligations.   He... Read more »

Book Club

I am really trying to read more.  Tis the season.  Steve’s mantra, Reading is for Losers circulates in the air every time I sit with the Kindle in my lap, however.  How can I capitulate and get engrossed in the Steve wonderland of sports?  I must put my nose in a book- or upon my Kindle!... Read more »

Odds and Ends

1.  The Chicago Now Blog is shifting from Movable Type to Word Press.  I have been practicing, but I am not the most techno-wise.  So you will see a change in the appearance of this space in the next few weeks, and if I do my homework, the shift should be seamless.  I am a... Read more »

The elephant in the room

The newest mob violence in the areas of Chicago associated with tourism has followed a predictable news arch.  Of course it has happened before.  The closing of the Rock and Roll McDonalds, and then North Avenue Beach (ostensibly for health and crowding concerns), were clearly linked to this pattern of menacing and marauding.  The city’s... Read more »

Calling all Grandparents...and parents

Help me!  My grandson is due in 3 weeks, and I have been doing the gadfly clean up of my upstairs to make sure this home is a baby attractant.  I pulled all my relics of motherhood from the attic, and discovered that they had not aged well.  My plans to have my drop sided... Read more »