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Despite the local melancholy over the Bulls and Oprah fading away, this is the weekend we kick off our celebration of summer, with all its glories here in Chicago.  My flowers are in the ground and pots.  Sure, they could have used sweaters this week, but they are being stoic.   The fake knee has... Read more »

This dude lived...

One habit that crept up on me as I reached a certain age was perusing the obituaries.  i think it enabled me to rejoice in the advanced ages that folks lived to, and also to give me a gut check that any day can be your last. It reminds me to take care of myself... Read more »

Afterglow: A day in the papers

So…I am a day removed from Oprahfest.  The return to Earth is painless.  My flowers await in their plastic tubs, and it is time to head out to transform my micro-ecosystem from pathetic to semi pathetic.   But first….I have to note a few things I noticed in the papers. First: I am not a... Read more »


I DVR The Oprah Winfrey Show every day.  I cannot watch in the morning, since chaos reigns  with Steve’s podcast.  I am not willing/able to go to bed with Oprah. Steve would howl, and I can’t end my day like that.  In point of fact, every week I scroll through the titles, watching a few,... Read more »

Farewell, Mr. Mayor. Thanks.

I do not live in the city, but I utilize all the things that have been buffed and polished during Mayor Daley’s term.  I realize that we can always expect more and do better, but  my vantage point as a Detroit transplantee encourages me to amplify all the progress and minimize the shortcomings during the... Read more »

The Universal Art of Momming

I won the biological lottery and had a great Mom.  There were 6 kids, a small house, and a challenged budget. Chaos could have reigned, but it did not-ever.  Her formula for crowd management was simple:  withhold affection, then mete it out if earned.   The warmth of approval was addicting, and the chill of... Read more »