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Enjoy the wedding of my son Michael and his beautiful bride, Kathryn Parolin Dahl.  The wedding video is featured on their videographer’s website.  The duo of HD photographers from Loudbyte was so aggressively intrepid that Old St. Pat’s almost ejected them!  But the results are beautiful.  The singer is the infamous Father Terry- who was not yet a priest when he supplied Steve with pre-natal vitamins for me when I was pregnant with Pat.  NOTE:  Pat turns 30 this week. Sigh. 

I love reliving this beautiful day.  Mike and Kathryn have added a quasi-child, Bea, their goldendoodle, to their family since the August nuptials.  photo-14.JPG

The newlyweds are at home in Chicago. Mike has left Comcast Sports and is working at Jacobsen Rost Advertising Agency.  Kathryn is at Huron Consulting.  They are so busy that they have not yet ordered their wedding album.  (hint, hint) 

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