My new summer purchases

I cannot help getting excited about grandmotherhood.  I wandered Buy, Buy Baby for hours this week, just trying to get a handle on the new stuff baby moms need.(want) It was very educational, though I have not pulled the trigger on a Pack and Play, stroller and the like for the home front.  I need to get my house put back together after carpet cleaning, bath tub installation and a bit of new wallpaper.  I have my old crib, which of course is a drop side, in the attic- but it will soon be in the trash, unless my home improvement guru Bill Appelhans can screw the drop side into a permanent position. 


I also have a changing table, buggy and cradle that I will fish out of their dusty enclaves, most likely to be donated or declared disasters. Things have changed since I plopped my babies, face down, into a shallow buggy in the living room. I am not sure that any of my relics would pass muster with today’s parents.  But I would not mind being reunited with my memories.  

This weekend is the first Baby Shower for Rachel and Pat- my sister is hostessing in Park Ridge and the other Joliat sisters are making the pilgrimage. After she receives her first baby gifts, motherhood will be very imminent for her, and the Architectural Digest of a home that she and Pat have created will become really cluttered.  The tools of parenthood take a great deal of space. There is talk of a storage space for some of their things.  Reality is already confronting them. 
In the meantime, Janet in Baby wonderland is a scary thing.  My cart was overflowing with adorable tiny things, and then I retraced my steps, re-ordered my priorities, and bought a practical gift that will surely be used.  
I bought myself a present, too.  unnamed.jpg
I am a maniac for Tervis Tumblers- they insulate, keep the beverage from making a ring, and have lids to keep bugs out when I am outside.  I showed Steve mine, and his eyes rolled up into his head.  He gave me the old “you cannot wit to be old” refrain, and I presented him with his Tervis Tumbler.  I knew that Grandpa was not ready for a Grandpa tumbler, and so this is what I chose: 
41rqmYOjLYL._SL500_AA300_.jpgI am sure he will love it when he is hanging out by the pool.  
It is not a very promising start to our equipment needs as Grandparents, but I need to tip toe. 

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