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My new summer purchases

I cannot help getting excited about grandmotherhood.  I wandered Buy, Buy Baby for hours this week, just trying to get a handle on the new stuff baby moms need.(want) It was very educational, though I have not pulled the trigger on a Pack and Play, stroller and the like for the home front.  I need... Read more »

So the Years Spin By...

and now the boy is twenty though his dreams have lost some grandeur coming true,  There’ll be new dreams, maybe better dreams and plenty- before the last revolving year is true.   Once again, I return to Joni Mitchell’s Circle Game as I celebrate the birthday of my first son.  Joni closed her song at 20, and... Read more »

You are welcome to attend...

Enjoy the wedding of my son Michael and his beautiful bride, Kathryn Parolin Dahl.  The wedding video is featured on their videographer’s website.  The duo of HD photographers from Loudbyte was so aggressively intrepid that Old St. Pat’s almost ejected them!  But the results are beautiful.  The singer is the infamous Father Terry- who was... Read more »


Today was my date with destiny.  For three years I was on an “every 6 month” cycle for mammograms due to calcifications.  Generally, these just impede the screener’s ability to see any malformation, but sometimes they organize themselves into something more.  In 2009, the schedule was relaxed to once a year for a diagnostic, bilateral... Read more »

Birthday Season

I have tales to tell about my journey to Italy, but these can wait.  I am home safely, full of memories and gratitude- but back to where my heart will always reside.  The Chicago area is teasing us with the prospect of Spring, and this is the season we celebrate all three Dahl birthdays.  Today,... Read more »