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Off I go

Steve is home, construction is progressing…it is time to flee.   I went to Europe for the first time in 2004, annexing myself to my sister’s traveling cluster of friends. The tour was called “Italy at Leisure”. This week, I read a Janet’s Planet that I wrote prior to my departure, and not a lot... Read more »

Newspaper Geek

It is well documented that I am a newspaper hound.  I have no burning need to be well informed, but I still subscribe to both Chicago papers, USA Today, my local paper, Crains,and the weekend New York Times. The Wall Street Journal had been excised when it was sold to the devil, but it mysteriously... Read more »

Faint of heart

Last week I was at a Claire’s boutique, looking to buy a few ridiculously unnecessary but festive accessories for St. Patrick’s day.  Two girls came in to get additional piercings.  The clerk was all of 21, but she still asked them if they were 18.  She did not request ID.  I get it- I doubt... Read more »

I'm Undone- or not done

Tick Tick.   That is the sound of my timer winding down to the husband’s return.  How are things? Bathroom?  Incomplete. But getting there, tile by tile.  I will have the toilet hooked up for Steve, but I will not let him shower until the tiling is finished and the walls are primed. Fridge?  Repaired.... Read more »

Dwindling days

My days of bachelorette freedom are dwindling.  The bathroom is not finished, and I am facing a moratorium of one week during which the dog grooves will be sanded from my front hall and steps, a process too loud and too dusty to take place when hubby is in residence, or more importantly, when he... Read more »


Can I pitch these prints?  We will see. I cannot believe THEY kept them. Sweet.
I am at the age that I have accumulated a lifetime of stuff.  A mere sliver of it is use in my day to day existence.  Two years ago, I shipped some of my stuff out to accommodate my mom and dad’s stuff-  furniture, collectibles and even a crate of pictures and letters from my... Read more »

The Pack

Steve and I have a king size bed.  With the master out of town, the dogs have customized their sleeping arrangements.  Mabel has been creaky after a week with Walter Dog- she did not want Wally and Milly to see her strength diminished at 10 years, and I think she over did.  Now that Wally... Read more »

Solo Survival

I have survived my first week back from the sun, and it has not been pretty.  Because my knee has decided not to integrate into my muscles, I decided to get a deep bath tub to soak in.  No jets, no air bubbles, no neon lights or giant size.  Just a tub with a high... Read more »