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Let the Sunshine In

My first flight with a metal knee resulted in a pat down. It was nothing after physical therapy! I have run away from home, bootstrapping myself to Steve’s return to Pompano Beach.  I love being in this very unfashionable, sturdy part of Florida.  My Grandpa and Grandma came here in the winter, attracting winter visits... Read more »

Ebb and Flow

                                          I have been absent from this space, because this is a winter full of discontent (to purloin a phrase) for me, and I know anyone visiting me at this space has no need of my... Read more »

It's Snowtime!

There is no turning back.  The Second City had better get images of snow paralysis to rival the whining wussies of NYC.  The ominous blob is moving closer on Radar.  The weather casters are acting as if they are our lifelines.  Give me a Public Works plow any day as a lifeline.  If we are... Read more »