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The seasons go round...or the scissors

One ritual that all Moms recall is the “first haircut.”  I definitely remember the first time I dragged Pat to the barber.  He had very fine hair, and I thought I could cut it myself.  I was so wrong.  I kept shortening his bangs until they were at the scalp.  Soon he looked like he... Read more »


Even the powder room gets a little Christmas- and I guess that is enough.  But trust me- you have not seen it all.
I created a totally false timeline for decorating:  anything unembellished by Sunday at 5:00 pm would not be completed.  I made it- all but the clean up.  And the house, if not as overloaded as in years past, is a shimmery jewel.  I am content. I have packed away the tools of Christmas creation- pipe... Read more »