Crafting Madness

This is just a “make good” posting.  I had promised that I would post pictures of the “sisters’ projects” from our annual meet-ups in New Buffalo.  Before I start to blather on about holidays/birthdays and so on, I figured I’d best follow through.  Of late, my attention span is pretty ramshackle.  But here are some things we have made in the past few years.  Maybe there is an inspiration for you at the holiday season!  

This year I did a lot of prep work so the project would require only assembly.  I am a slave to acorn/oak iconography, since we grew up in Royal Oak under the shade of a GIANT oak tree.  And we have always associated the strength and enduring roots with Dad.  So after I found the acorns, I had to stamp a quote.  I used “a forest is in an acorn” to remind us that big and wondrous things can come from a humble beginning.  The blanks were copper, and I bought a set of stamping letters, a special hammer and a block to stamp on.  I am pretty bad at it, but the look is supposed to be handmade.  
Te acorns I bought from Julie Nordine on, and truly- they are amazing enough to stand on their own.  I made my necklace in a modular manner, so I can wear just the acorn, or can mix and match with my metal disk and epoxied photos.  Every acorn was different in color, and every necklace was different- but they were all beautiful, if I do say so.  
When I set out to tarnish the disks and make them look old, I used liver of sulphur, and it was a terrible smelling thing…like the egg smell the chem lab has once a year.  Steve is not a fan of my crafting, much less the smell of rotten eggs, so I put them outside atop the barbecue overnight.  They were on a piece of waxed paper.   When I got up in the morning- they were GONE.  A squirrel had dragged the paper off and all the copper circles, which had tarnished to a black flat appearance were scattered into the garden, where they were obscured by dirt.    I found shredded waxed paper, and foraged around in the vicinity for the disks- and found 6 of 10.  Damn squirrels!  I guess they come with the acorn imagery, though.
I found the bezels to embed photos in online, and at Hobby Lobby.  I used an epoxy called Gel du Soliel that cures really fast under a mini UV lamp I bought. (It will cure in a day in the sun, but I have no sunny window sills.)  I embedded maps of Michigan/Illinois, pictures of the theater Judy and I worked at, the church our family attended, Mom and Dad while engaged, a Royal Oak Farmers’ Market sign, a mini of the family portrait that hung over our mantel, and a picture of the 6 of us, and one of Beaumont hospital, where Marie worked, and Jen’s grandkids were born.  I could not resist embedding Mabel and Milly, though I am not sure they comprehend the honor their immortalization symbolizes. This is a really easy process, and makes personal, fun charms.  Some of the frames are deep, and could take multiple layers- I am partial to jewels, but I was reserved here. 
So- there you have it- my simple projects.  All easily done.  Get busy.  

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