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Full Speed Ahead

Tis may not be the way to do it, though.....
As evidenced by my attention deficit to the written word, holidays are ON.  As yet, no tree has made an appearance, but that is because I detoured to do a thorough pre-cleaning of my sunroom in anticipation of my holographic tree.  Sure, it’s sacrilegious- not only NOT real, NOT green.  I used the nice weather... Read more »

Crafting Madness

My Mom and Dad, circa 1947.  Forever together!
This is just a “make good” posting.  I had promised that I would post pictures of the “sisters’ projects” from our annual meet-ups in New Buffalo.  Before I start to blather on about holidays/birthdays and so on, I figured I’d best follow through.  Of late, my attention span is pretty ramshackle.  But here are some... Read more »

This and That

First of all, Jimmy Greenfield of the Tribune wrote me a nice note saying that I wouldn’t be de-bloglisted because of my close personal association with the former Vice/Living columnist, recently dismissed, Steve Dahl.   I am reassured that I can hold forth here for a bit longer.  Steve  is the primary component of my... Read more »

Trials and Tribulations

I am not an idiot. I like having this blog, but I know that the Tribune does not really need old lady blabbers who do not generate mad numbers of clicks.  Sports bloggers are the best, because they post up all the microscopic details that keep people revisiting.  People who do surveys are also prized.... Read more »