Post Birthday Musings

My poor husband has ricocheted with my birthday gloom this past week- I have been a sad sack. He even added a year to his own age at one point to sooth my despair that I am (for the next two months) 5 years older than he is. 

 I do not get like this too often.  Generally, I am delighted with my good fortune in health, happiness, family and friends.  I have just hit a rough patch where so many people I care for are ill.  I suppose I am at the point in life where it will be a recurring theme, and I had better learn to take care of others, get proactive about my own health, and stay positive.  The fact that my knee has started to slither around, and will require new orthopaedic attention has dinged my spirits a tidbit, too.  

To that end, as we went downtown for birthday dinner, it was a beautiful sight to see our city lit up in teal to create awareness of ovarian cancer- a silent, insidious killer.  Early detection saves lives.

I will not burden you with my seasonal gloom.  I had the best birthday a woman could ask for.  A group of friends met me after my village board meeting on Monday for a drink.  (Who drinks on Monday night? Me, apparently!  IMG_2791.JPG
Then on Tuesday, my actual birthday, Steve arranged a family dinner for us at David Burke’s Primehouse , and I love family time more than anything.  It was a very “uptown” night for a very suburban old Mom.  My family made me a book of Janter/Mommisms that they gathered through the years.  It made me laugh, cry, and most of all, it made me realize that all the years I thought I faded into the role of nagging matriarch, with silly themed clothes and cheery aphorisms- they were listening. When I looked around that table, and saw my kind, talented sons, and their wonderful wives, and Matt’s loved one (Justine) – I felt like my world was rich beyond measure.  I have raised sons to be proud of.  They have sought partners that complement them and challenge them to be good men.  To me, that is the best gift in the universe.  But the fact that they immortalized my love affair with Market Day, my affinity for cheese,  enthusiasm for neon, Christmas and Halloween (among other things) had me smiling and crying all at once.  I included some peeks- but some of you might be horrified at how the Dahl clan operated – even I do not recall my sex education as regards masturbation…but either I deeply affected or scarred the boys.  I choose to think I enlightened them.  And on my birthday, they honored me by saying that those carpooling, homework checking, color-coordinated clothing, craft infused days were special to them too.  I am a lucky (old) woman.
Today, to guarantee that I will be in good enough health to continue my nag-in-chief role, I had a flu shot and a shingles vaccination.  I will schedule a physical and a mammogram, and call the orthopedic surgeon for a visit.  It is a great deal of work to remain fierce.  That is what a 21st century Mom needs to be!

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