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Post Birthday Musings

My poor husband has ricocheted with my birthday gloom this past week- I have been a sad sack. He even added a year to his own age at one point to sooth my despair that I am (for the next two months) 5 years older than he is.   I do not get like this too... Read more »

Are We Simpletons?

In the last few days the 24 hour newsmongers have jumped on the horrific abuse of the newsbabe Inez Sainz at the hands of the NFL Jets. The NFL jumps in, condemns such rampant sexism, orders sensitivity training. Commenting athletes from other teams are censured and have to apologize. Pardon me if I quote Chad... Read more »

I DO have 3 boys, after all

My son Matthew has the beating heart of an artist- and I DO mean beating, as his principal instrument is the drums.  While at DePaul, he actively campaigned to sit in on any musician’s sessions, or fill in.  His proffers, posted on the bulletin boards in the music building were consistently ignored.  He was not... Read more »

A much more creative look

Mike and Kathryn’s wedding was too beautiful not to share.  Their photographer edited some shots into a slide show, so if you have 20 minutes to kill- go here.   He captured their happiness in a spectacular way.

The Main Event

When I went to bed on August 20th, the weather bug informed me that there was an 85% chance of thundershowers for Kathryn and Michael’s wedding day.  Truth told, this news did not keep me awake.  Only the photography would really be affected by such a development, and I have seen very creative photographs of... Read more »

Looking back...

The week since the wedding evaporated without any details from me except about my crafting.  I apologize.  After a year of planning, previewing, looking forward- the vacuum is enormous.  I wanted to give details, but I didn’t have good pictures to illustrate the days with.  Plus, I just wanted to marinate in the joy that... Read more »