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The Crafty Details

I am the groom’s Mom, and so I did not do any heavy lifting for the wedding.  The invitations were beautiful, and they miraculously were ordered, assembled, stamped, addressed and mailed.  Programs were drafted, printed and beribboned. Decisions were made, and every one was the right one.  The kids and the Parolins were on top... Read more »

Thoughts after the wedding

  We have been anticipating the wedding of Mike and Kathryn for more than a year.   For weeks we have chased last minute details.  The phone has hummed with Mike to Mom questions, or Mom to Mike instructions.  We have buzzed with activity, and now there is an eerie silence.  The wedding weekend has... Read more »

32 years logged

                                                           In all my wedding hullaballoo I may have failed to note the joyful fact that Steve and I marked our 32nd anniversary last week.  We are... Read more »

The week

I have returned from a flash trip to Michigan- ostensibly to clean the carpeting which was showing the history of every dog in the extended family.  It was a tiny slice of oblivion before the punch list week before the wedding. I managed to see shooting stars compliments of the Perseid Meteor Showers, eat at... Read more »

Counting Down

Sorry for the bad edit- I had to obscure some stuff.  We are counting down the days until Kathryn and Mike’s wedding.  How could months turn to weeks, and weeks to days? Mike is the fidgety type, worrying and not sleeping well, so my job is to do whatever I can to calm him.  I... Read more »