I realize that I have been remiss in communicating. After I wrote about Father’s Day, we had a lovely family dinner that featured a cage match in the kitchen with the three Dahl men as gladiators.  It was but a moment in a fairly nice day- but now that the year has held family feuds  at dinner celebrations in public (Pat/Matt/Justine’s birthday) and Father’s Day, I was chastened into non-communication.  My life is messy.  Who cares what I think?  What do I have to say?  The answers may well be no one and no one, but the optimist in me has brought me back to Janet Dahl, et al.  There is more Janter in me after all. Because I have been languid, I am going to use the next few blogs to play catch up.  It will be like the “what I did over Summer vacation” essay. 

Today’s topic:  Janet butts into a bachelorette weekend.
Mike in the Middle is getting married in August, and his intended, Kathryn, has friends from all over the place.  Her sister, Liz, planned a nicely scaled weekend in Harbor Country, Michigan.  They had booked two rooms at the Harbor Grand, to bond and celebrate.  We just happen to have a little getaway place right down the street.  I cannot resist a celebration, and so I enlisted two friends and off we went.  
The weather was wretched, and the girls’ flights were uncooperative.  Liz rented an 8 person utility van, and only 4 bridesmaids were in town for disembarkation.  Still, they headed to Michigan, with two chase cars promising to deliver the rest of the wedding party.  First stop:  the site of the engagement, Stop 50 Wood Fired Pizza in Michiana Shores- the BEST, freshest pizza in the world.  (I cannot highlight enough how amazingly wonderful this place is.  If it was in Chicago, you would NEVER get in)  Chris Bardol and his wife Christy stayed open late to accommodate the girls, and treated them to their signature wood oven s’mores and gelatos.  It was the perfect kick off, and my first chance to meet a few distant bridesmaids.  They tolerated the presence of the three crones beautifully- a good test of character.  The youngsters traveled on to Stray Dog for a million drinks, and the elders went to bed.  
Liz, maid of honor, was the designated driver/mother hen/tour director- all jobs she excelled at. She is 6 months pregnant, so many of the featured activities were unavailable to her.  Saturday was to be mimosas and pool time, but the temperatures plunged and rain revisited, and Plan B evolved: a winery tour.  Again, the elders opted out.  We hustled to prepare a barbecue evening for the girls.  Kathryn’s mom and one of her friends arrived, and the Princeton girls manned the grill- a blessing as my grilling results are never guaranteed.  Brats and burgers arrived, and a buffet was set up.   I have never had so many people around my table- good thing these girls are tiny.  Liz ordered a cake that was both delicious and profane. The bakery matter-of-factly asked her if she wished her confection to be embellished with white or black male members, hairy or groomed, veined or not.  She was at work, and had to call back.  I do not know the bakery by name, but their goods were good.  
The party ended, and the van was stuffed with young beauty, and the old bags went to bed.  It is a treat of being at this place in life that we can watch the enthusiasm talents of young people.  It is the curse that it takes a few days to recover.  
This was a chance to celebrate Kathryn and look forward to the big day in August.  Other celebrations happen- stay tuned for the bridal shower, a Jenny and Janet production.  You will be blinded.  When the Joliat girls execute a theme, they are consistent. 

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