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Mark Brown is right

Today’s Sun Times has a Mark Brown article about the upcoming verdict in the Rod Blagojevich trial. He has an observation that very few writers have made:  it only takes one person to keep Rod/Rob free.  It is human nature to invoke the term “devil’s advocate” when charged with resurveying evidence.  One stubborn person, with... Read more »

Every Last One

I was an 80’s mom- all three of my sons arrived during this decade.  I reconfigured my teacher/lawyer dreams when I realized that staying home would provide a needed anchor for my sons.  I was fortunate to dive in to the daily demands of motherhood without having to juggle the two jobs.  I am too... Read more »

Summer Slacker

I am trying to make the most of the lazy days of summer, as my dearth of posts indicates.  I have been dutifully rehabbing my knee- or rather, the substrate of atrophied muscles and connectors that should be supporting the new knee.  The good news:  I have been able to walk without pain- even making... Read more »


For a few weeks this summer, I had house guests.  A very efficient mother Robin built a little nest on my bathroom window ledge with sticks and strands plucked from my yard.  I presume that her belief was that critters would not menace her or her babies at this altitude. She was an empty nester... Read more »

Showering Kathryn with love

We are now in the throes of Matrimonial Madness.  The invitations for Mike and Kathryn’s wedding have been mailed, and I tease them that it is too late to back out.  We have had a tasting for the reception, and selected linen covers and chair ties.  Flowers are selected.  Steve is in charge of finalizing... Read more »

The Circle of Suburban Life

The house is a boxy ranch, executed in salmon brick.  The garage door was sassy, its black expanse embellished with a fifties style boomerang, in salmon, to echo the house.  Its occupants were older, and they had one car.  The husband drove the Buick; his wife sat formally in the front seat.  They did not... Read more »


I realize that I have been remiss in communicating. After I wrote about Father’s Day, we had a lovely family dinner that featured a cage match in the kitchen with the three Dahl men as gladiators.  It was but a moment in a fairly nice day- but now that the year has held family feuds... Read more »