Happy Birthday, Mike

Pat Dahl works for the Blackhawks, and he has been traveling like crazy, so we shoe horned our birthday celebration into the pre-game slot Sunday.  I can read stress on Pat’s face- he is nervous as a cat in a coyote’s cage.  A bit of family time was just the balm, and Mike’s Friday birthday gave us an excuse to get together for some backyard bonding. Better late than never…. I had bought a Margaritaville frozen drink maker  when it was a featured sale at Tuesday Morning.  Since Steve will be stone sober 15 years at the end of this month, this was tough to justify.  I pitch it as as a family asset.  It will join the popcorn machine as a party accoutrement. Anyone is welcome to sign it out and use it.  

Pat gave it a test run and declared it the centerpiece of our party.  In truth, even the drinking  Dahls do not imbibe much in the daylight- but still, it was festive.  There were frozen lemonades and cokes, and a festive bar set up in the kitchen.  Steve used duct tape to secure the cord- like a gaffer at a concert.  

We had skirt steak tacos- a family tradition.  Poor Steve was cooking during a downpour, but we moved inside.  All my (Steve’s) patio cleaning and arranging was for nothing.  Pat’s hockey duty hastened the laconic speed with which I choose to celebrate, so  we speedily opened Mike’s gifts, (some clothes, a gift card for a week of lunches, Jameson’s whiskey, tickets to Old Saint Pat’s block party for Spoon) and headed for cake. 
The bakery at Jewel made Mike a Blackhawk sheet cake that was a thing of beauty.  They are wizards- they can put anything on a cake.  I could have put a naked Baby Mike on white icing…but I will save that idea for another year.  
Quick ignition, quick extinguishment of the candles, a few bites, and the Dahls scattered to their next activities. 
 All but the Mom will be at the stadium tonight- I am too skittery to go, and besides, I did some silly damage to my new knee yesterday.  I am unfit for a gladiator type environment.  But it was a great day.  Happy Birthday, (again) Mike- and please, Hawks….Win one for Mike.

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