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Fathers Day, Family Day

Judy Collins sang a Jacques Brel song back in the day that haunted me- Sons of.  It starts out with “sons of the thief, sons of the saint, who is the child with no complaint? Sons of the great, or sons unknown, all were children like your own.” The line I didn’t pay as much attention to... Read more »

The afterglow

My heart has returned to its normal rhythm.  Blackhawks, thank you for saving me from another night of terror and palpitations.  Also, thank you for giving this city a taste of excellence and discipline.  Thank you for painting the town red, decorating our monuments, expanding our dreams.  Thank you for your bruises and your lost... Read more »

Happy Birthday, Mike

Let's hope....
Pat Dahl works for the Blackhawks, and he has been traveling like crazy, so we shoe horned our birthday celebration into the pre-game slot Sunday.  I can read stress on Pat’s face- he is nervous as a cat in a coyote’s cage.  A bit of family time was just the balm, and Mike’s Friday birthday... Read more »

Coffee Madness

I am not a coffee snob, but I make a pot each morning just to mark the new day.  I add cream and sweetener, so the pure taste is lost on me.  I appreciate the caffiene.  So imagine my frustration at the loss of my third coffee maker in the past 18 months.  I do... Read more »