TV odds and ends

Since I am somewhat limited by my new knee, at least for the moment, I have been taking in more TV than I generally would.  Steve and I have our varying passions, but a Direct TV glitch erased all his stacked DVR programming.  He has been stuck enjoying what has been saved on the sunroom/recovery room.  He was pretty wiggly during Glee. Though he likes its heart, he cannot suspend disbelief to enjoy the musical numbers.  I think he remembers that I encouraged the boys to pursue choir and drama.  The sequins of Show Choir will forever scar him.  

I watch and he hates:  Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters.  We both love Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Office, Two and a Half Men, Parks and Recreation, The Good Wife and The Mentalist.  We are trying to love Community. We both like NCIS, but we lack commitment.  Both of us bailed on Lost because it asked too much of us, and answered too few questions.  We never adhered to Survivor or The Amazing Race.  We watch American Idol on 3x speed, pausing for comments and a snatch of criticism.  This season is underwhelming. We avoid Dancing With the Stars because I am a bad dancer, and Steve is a non dancer.  It sucks to be us at weddings.  

 I made Steve abandon 24 as a first run option because it gave me heart attacks.  He never reconnected to it.  We will indolently watch the Law and Orders, because they are self-contained.  This weekend I read an article about how much Dick Wolf has earned with these pretty formulaic shows- 200 million.   His printing press for money will churn on with spin offs and royalties.  Yikes!  Of course, NBC has sold billions of dollars of advertising.  Seems like a win-win.  
Speaking of crime procedurals, we LOVE to watch CSI Miami, but for all the wrong reasons.  We think it is a drinking game or a comedy.  Speaking of comedy, Steve likes Party Down on Starz, and claims it might be his new favorite. It depresses me; it also makes me glad that Pat ditched show biz for Blackhawks biz.  

We are DVR stacking Friday Night Lights, because we have missed episodes and want to watch it in order.  The last two seasons on DVR await a marathon. It is the best TV drama ever.    I sneak off and watch Gossip Girl, which I realize is absurd for a woman my age. I was addicted to Life, Unexpected, another CW show for younger people, but I have to detach since I think it was cancelled.  I also watch Castle though it is a middling show- because Nathan Fillion is a hunk.  He is a great diversion when Steve is latched on sports, which is constantly. 
I cannot tolerate The Middle, because despite the talented cast, the scorn for the Midwest is palpable.  The messy unkempt house, the frumpy clothes,the idiotic children,  the horrible parental work ethic- they show me that Hollywood considers us their armpit.  They actually refer to the Midwest as the “flyover zone” in meetings.  When they toss in a sentimental moment, I can feel the writers sneering at us.  I encourage those trapped by the comedy block to eat during this half hour.  We deserve a better portrayal. And Cougars is getting better, but I am transfixed by the cosmetic work in evidence.  
It is great that cable will fill in the summer with new programming.  True Blood will return as will Mad Men. Californication and Entourage will soon be back.  HGTV and The Food Network are reliable contenders.  And  there are 13 books on my Kindle screaming to be read.  As I look back on this post, I am ashamed of my passive intake of TV. 
The News at 10 is dropping back for me, because I see local news at 5:30;  it never really changes.  I can loop back at 10:00 and watch a DVR sitcom instead, with the edited commercials and previews leaving  sufficient time for a shower before late night programming starts.  I believe in time management.  I tried to watch Walter Jacobsen’s new perspectives- but I think HD amplifies his angst to the point that I want to throw him a Xanax.  Roll with the changes, Walter.  Apoplexy looks more like tourette’s in HD.
What do you love….or hate?  What are the battle likes at your house?  Who wins? How?

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