Best Guacamole

In honor of Cinco de Mayo- (yeah, I know it is a preposterously contrived excuse to sip Margaritas- but I don’t care) I will part with my recipe for the easiest, tastiest guacamole that you can put on a chip.  I used to do the lime/chiles/cilantro/onion chopping routine.  Then one day I just grabbed a tub of Pico de Gallo from the fresh food aisle, mashed it into a few ripe avocados, seasoned with Lawry’s No MSG Seasoning Salt and a touch of garlic- and voila. The texture is perfect, the color is lovely, and it takes a nano second.  There is no waste.  The Lawry’s is the secret ingredient.  

If you leave the pits in the bowl until you serve it, and cover with saran wrap, there is little discoloration.  You just pitch the pits, stir and start loading up the chips. 
 I do not like my guacamole to burn my mouth, so I do not add hot sauce. It is up to you…but this is a perfect dip.  I am untalented in the kitchen- but I am the guacamole queen.  Trust me!

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