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We need to remember

Today is dedicated to those who have preserved our freedom with the ultimate sacrifice.  Steve and I hit the local Memorial Day parade and laying of the wreath today, and it was a joy to be part of something bigger than any one of us- the collective pride and spirit of a great country.  The... Read more »


Tonight I donated two hours to FOX’s American Idol that I will never get back.    I  watched much of this season on a time-shifted, fast forward setting.  I cannot say that I bonded intensely with the finalists, and I found the mentoring a silly filler. (Except Harry Connick, because he was so uber involved... Read more »

It's ON!!

As the mother of three boys, I have always dreamed of having a daughter to shop with, commiserate with- just to do girl things with.  It was not to be.  BUT- I am at the point in life that I am annexing girls, and I have hit the jackpot.  Patrick’s wife, Rachel, is a dream... Read more »

Steve and I are separated....

He is in San Jose and I am in the Chicago area.   Rim Shot.   He has been such a good caregiver and soulmate in the past days that I pushed him out the door and sent him on a dream cruise to San Jose.  Pat was out there with the Blackhawks,  my daughter... Read more »

TV odds and ends

Since I am somewhat limited by my new knee, at least for the moment, I have been taking in more TV than I generally would.  Steve and I have our varying passions, but a Direct TV glitch erased all his stacked DVR programming.  He has been stuck enjoying what has been saved on the sunroom/recovery... Read more »

Betty Wants a Radio Job

Wow. Betty Loren Maltese quit her hostess job at Salerno’s.  Too little money.  She wants to be a radio host.   I wonder what Chicago area station will open its airwaves to Betty?  I am sure some bottom feeder will try to capitalize on her notoriety. Jim Laski has a lovely radio perch at WGN.... Read more »


I am recovering nicely, with some pauses for the agony of physical therapy.  I have made a decision to wean myself off of pain meds, and Tylenol is my new go-to for discomfort.  The last two days have found me a little mushy in spirit, and I figure that as soon as I am free... Read more »

Best Guacamole

In honor of Cinco de Mayo- (yeah, I know it is a preposterously contrived excuse to sip Margaritas- but I don’t care) I will part with my recipe for the easiest, tastiest guacamole that you can put on a chip.  I used to do the lime/chiles/cilantro/onion chopping routine.  Then one day I just grabbed a tub... Read more »


Oh, the progress I have made since Dr. Collins gave me a new knee….. I have been home since Thursday afternoon, and every day finds me improved.  I am more independent; I can sashay with a cane, took two forbidden showers with the help of Press n Seal, and learned to take pain killers without... Read more »