On the Eve of Knee Reconstruction...

Had a swell dinner at Coopershawk with 4/6 of the family, and other than that I have had a very typical Sunday.  My kids distracted and amused me.  I am calm and ready.  I know that the hardest 3 hours of tomorrow for the Dahl family will be the Hawks game.  It is the one game I will be calm and sedated for.  Mike promises to come out to the burbs and keep Steve occupied while I let narcotics guide me to sleep.  Seems like a plan. I could not help but notice all the Mother’s Day ads in the paper today.  This one really caught my eye:IMG_1052.jpg

Here is a tip to all children- no matter how old your Mom is, or how crippled her feet are- THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE MOTHER’S DAY GIFT.  Walgreens is a great place to buy cards, cosmetics, candy, magazines- all kinds of cool stuff.  But the pharmacy department is probably not the best intersection with Mother’s Day.  
I bought myself a pre-op gift.  
It is a tray that my beloved husband can use to bring me meals as I rehab.  It was a big $9.99 at Home Goods, and I think it will pay dividends in convenience and subliminal messaging.  (Help me!) It will also be a nice reminder of my triumph over osteoarthritis. Now all I need is a bell to summon him.  I should not have said that.  He will cut off my hands.  That will make the walker harder to use.  
I will post on the other side.  Think good thoughts for me.  I am due to check in at 5:30am.    By the time you arrive at work, I will be bionic.  And catatonic.  Sweet. 

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