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On the other side

28 years ago I was at Hinsdale hospital with Steve, and at  10:13, I  welcomed Patrick Dahl into the world. It was a day that changed everything for me.  Now I am back at Hinsdale Adventist, and I have to tell you- there is no parting gift like a baby. I am departing tomorrow with... Read more »

On the Eve of Knee Reconstruction...

Had a swell dinner at Coopershawk with 4/6 of the family, and other than that I have had a very typical Sunday.  My kids distracted and amused me.  I am calm and ready.  I know that the hardest 3 hours of tomorrow for the Dahl family will be the Hawks game.  It is the one... Read more »

Cleared for Take Off

Yesterday I had a pre-surgical face-to-face with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Michael Collins, of Hinsdale Orthopedics.  I dragged Steve. Dr. Collins is all business:  I have seen him for four years, and my consolidated time with him would not add up to 30 minutes.  I am a knee to him.  He is God to me,... Read more »

A Dry Run

I was trying to decide where I would sleep after I cam home from the knee replacement.  Our bedroom requires going up 12 steps, and some of the bannister was removed for aesthetic purposes.  On the plus side, the bathroom is close, the TV is stocked with DVR options, the reading light is good.   On... Read more »

Family Matters

Family Dinner. For our April birthdays.   This was my dream, something I started planning in March, knowing how congested the sports schedule that the boys are entwined with would be.  I knew my surgery was April 26, and I would not be able to go out for a few weeks.  So I nagged, consulted... Read more »

Rocky re-entry

The convergence of vacation fatigue, hay fever season, recirculated air and some other random bug has plopped me on my bottom since I returned from the Netherlands.  I am sleeping around the clock, providing an intense annoyance for Steve. I am concerned for my impending surgery.  No surgery is allowed for patients with respiratory problems.... Read more »

Home again

Honestly, I intended to take all blog readers with me on my girlfriends’ getaway.  I was assured that there was wireless internet access-and there was. However, because 200 passengers utilize the bandwidth via a monitor and keyboard in each cabin, the sites that contain comments are blocked or restricted.  That would be THIS site.  I... Read more »

Off I go...

I am scribbling a few lines to hold the nerves at bay as I prepare to squish a week’s worth of black clothing into a suitcase, and head off to Amsterdam.  My ship awaits me, and 148 other travelers. The blessing for me and my knee is that we will unpack once, because I am... Read more »