Hopalong Janet

I did not even have to do my planned begging for a new knee. The TKR (total knee construction-an Elvis-like acronym) is a GO.  It couldn’t be scheduled today because my doctor’s scheduler was ill- but she is supposed to call me tomorrow and get the ball rolling.  I guess that all the hoops I jumped through plumped my file enough to convince the insurance company that it is time. The good news is that in the two years since I have been getting treated they have developed technology to custom design and build a personal prosthetic knee based on my CAT scan.  I will call it Jakneet.  There will be no retrofitting at the last minute, and that is a good thing.  The bad news is that I will probably need a second TKR- if I live long enough.  I guess the long life part makes it all good news. I have nothing else to report, and so I am just going to thank everyone who sent me good wishes and encouragement.  I am a scaredy cat, so you have to know I am generally miserable or I would just keep on hobbling.  I will be sharing all my progress here- because misery loves company.  Think Steve will be a good nurse?  Think he will be able to resist my painkillers?  This has the framework of a reality show, or a murder mystery.  

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