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All Quiet on the Home Front

The bachelor and bachelorette are getting used to cohabiting again.  Most traumatized are the dogs, who have lost real estate on the king sized bed.  They are not happy about their diminished sleeping quarters, but they are not adapting in any way. Milly has decided to slip into the pillow space between our heads, and... Read more »

A Year

I am in the waning days of bachelorette life.  To that end, I went to bed last night with a bowl of popcorn and a giant oversized Vernors Diet gingerale with crushed ice.  I crunched and slurped to my heart’s content while viewing American Idol in warp speed, and a grab bag of previously taped... Read more »

I am a Lump

I know I have referenced in the past that I am content wherever I am. I am not the intrepid adventurer.  I am more of a passenger of life: wherever it takes me, I will find pleasure.  Thirty one years ago I left Detroit for life 300 miles West.  I loved my life near my... Read more »

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I am only one quarter Irish:  my mother was Elaine O’Donnell, and her father was as proud an Irish rogue as I have ever seen.  In Detroit, We did not celebrate St. Paddy’s Day as effusively as Chicago does.  But Grandpa always had a twinkle in his eye, and he made it a point to... Read more »

Glenn Beck

I grew up as a Catholic student in the Shrine of the Little Flower Parish.  My pastor was Father Charles Coughlin, whose rabid anti-communistic broadcasts inspired thousands of listeners in the 1920’s and 30’s.  Among his tenants were support for the Nazis in their defense against communism, support for labor, and family values. He used... Read more »

Heading South

One year ago this week, I headed to Florida to spend time with my Dad.  He had just replaced all the windows in his condo to the tune of $25,000. It was an altruistic deed, as he was well aware that his Doctor had told him the odds of making it back to Michigan were... Read more »

What a state we are in

I have been involved in government in Illinois in two capacities- municipal and school board.  Both have been elected offices, but essentially volunteer work.  In both capacities, I have seen amazingly dedicated employees work hard for the benefit of their communities.  In each case, I have watched how difficult it is to budget and plan-always... Read more »

Moving On

I know this is self indulgent, but consider it a service, because about 1 in 8 people will be shopping for a new knee or hip someday.  Or if you are like me, you will be begging for one. I can be your test pilot.  I am scheduled for knee replacement.   April 26th is... Read more »

Hopalong Janet

I did not even have to do my planned begging for a new knee. The TKR (total knee construction-an Elvis-like acronym) is a GO.  It couldn’t be scheduled today because my doctor’s scheduler was ill- but she is supposed to call me tomorrow and get the ball rolling.  I guess that all the hoops I... Read more »


I am having a nervous night. Tomorrow I will be seeing my orthopedic doctor, and I need to beg him to fix my knee.  I am unaccustomed to requiring medical treatment, and I have never spent a night in the hospital that did not involve childbirth.  I have had numerous Xrays, two MRI’s and an... Read more »