The morning after....

Steve slipped into Chicago to partake of our Superdahl Sunday, and a good time was had by all.  He may regret his impetuous move when we are blanketed by snow, but in the meantime, the festivities were far more engaging when shared with our patriarch.  It was a rare demonstration of spontaneity by a man who lives very deliberately.  

I was sitting in the Father Chair Saturday night, which I have taken over since he migrated South, when I heard the front door open. I saw a man in the front hall, and I knew him to be familiar, since the dogs were not wailing and chewing upon him. What a fun suprise!  I cannot say that my fine cooking for the football game brought him back- he knows better.  I think he was lonely. P1020781.JPG

Steve in the Father Chair, with Walter coveting his snacks

P1020774.JPGWe had the same day most Americans had- too much food (salami, cheese, green grapes, guacamole and chips, popcorn, pistachios, potato chips and onion dip, spinach dip, chili con queso, wieners in barbecue sauce)combined with nattering over the ads,obsessing over the game,  and then more food.  Our culminating entree was steak tacos, as selected by a pre-game vote.  It is really the perfect thing to eat while watching a game.  I used marinated skirt steak and preassembled my salad of shredded lettuce, sliced black olives, scallions, tomatoes and Lawrey’s seasoning salt.  We used guacamole, sour cream, salsa and taco sauce as garnishes.  There was precious little of 4 pounds of meat left, so I am assuming that it was a crowd pleaser. photo-5.jpg

 We finished off by linking my past and present in desserts:  bumpy cake from Sanders, the bakery of my Detroit youth,  and smiley cookies, the iconic treat of Kirschbaum’s Bakery in Western Springs.  I sprinkled in candy to honor the Colts (blue and white peppermint M & M’s) and the Saints (black licorice jelly bellies).  Beverages crossed a wide spectrum, although my ready to drink boxed Margaritas were untouched.  Those will beckon me in the weeks to come.  Beer and Super Bowl is apparently the best fit.  Who knew?  I had a cork screw at the ready.

Matt brought his dog out, and Walter had no use for the game.  He wanted to be on the couch, where the snacks were being consumed.  He did, however, enjoy the Puppy Bowl, which was playing on a smaller TV in the sun room.  I am glad to share with you doubters:


I think he has a thing for the Golden Retriever puppy.  He did not conduct himself in this manner when observing Peyton Manning or Drew Brees.  

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