Steve's doppleganger is a bad boy

A TCF bank inside the local Jewel was held up Monday morning.  It is purported to be this TCF bandit’s 10th- 12th foray into grocery bank robberies.  The dude has been captured on surveillance tapes in other branches as well.  He bears a striking resemblance to my husband.  In the article describing the event, the robber fled on foot, and was described as stocky. (sorry, honey) We live within jogging distance of this branch, and there has been a cluster of such events out here in the Western suburbs. I declare Steve to be innocent!   He has an alibi due to his relocation to a sunnier climate. Also, he was podcasting during the hour in question.  If he slipped back into town,  I doubt his first stop would be to rob da Jool’s bank.  Of course, there is the matter of Rip Torn….so, who knows? 


I would have to say that the Countryside TCF branch has good resolution in its image, but the thief is  well obscured.    The perp is covered- with Carhartt type clothing, a logoless baseball hat and shades.  In the past, he has used a single glove (channeling Michael Jackson?) or military fatigues (honoring our servicemen?)  


Note to grocery shoppers- if you see a one gloved man with a faint smile and a slip of paper approaching the TCF teller- you can get a sweet 15 thousand dollar reward if you catch his plates or car style.  He must park off site, or have someone scoop him up.  If the information leads to his arrest, you would have a  rewarding shopping day…better than a lifetime of coupons.  To any amateur sleuths- I strongly advise keeping a low profile as you do your detective work.  The smirking bandit says in his note that he is armed. And since he is robbing banks, I am guessing that he is desperate.   

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