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Communicated and ashed

I am my Dad’s worst nightmare- a fallen away Catholic. For years he would call on Sunday, and slyly ask if I had been to church.  He grew less demanding as years passed, and asked if I would please just attend once a month.  Sad to say, I did not even meet that low benchmark.... Read more »


I have brought a bit of Arctic chill to Pompano with me.  The benefit of enduring Midwest winters is that we are stoic and accommodating, even as the weather casters seek to inflame us with the prospect of flakes or chills.  We put on another layer, curse a bit, and go on with whatever we... Read more »


Last week on Steve’s  podcast-er, Dahlcast, Amanda Puck mentioned that she was going to New York City for the holiday weekend.  Steve remarked how lame President’s Day was as a holiday, since mostly governmental workers observed it, not regular people.  Amanda thought he was kidding with his failure to acknowledge Valentine’s day, but of course,... Read more »

The morning after....

Steve slipped into Chicago to partake of our Superdahl Sunday, and a good time was had by all.  He may regret his impetuous move when we are blanketed by snow, but in the meantime, the festivities were far more engaging when shared with our patriarch.  It was a rare demonstration of spontaneity by a man... Read more »

Illinois Adventures

I did not vote for Scott Lee Cohen for lieutenant governor.  I received some nice multicolor mailings, and saw his commercial spots, and he seemed a congenial enough fellow.  I knew that Illinois gutted the position of L/G years ago.  This was made abundantly clear when the movers and shakers in the Democratic party slotted... Read more »

Steve's doppleganger is a bad boy

A TCF bank inside the local Jewel was held up Monday morning.  It is purported to be this TCF bandit’s 10th- 12th foray into grocery bank robberies.  The dude has been captured on surveillance tapes in other branches as well.  He bears a striking resemblance to my husband.  In the article describing the event, the... Read more »

Closet Madness

The person who uses my closet to store her clothes is a stranger to me.  She is smaller, has a bigger life, and cannot bear to part with any outfit that has an event attached to it.  She buys many things at TJ Maxx, but these items do not match any other items.  Many still... Read more »