The Bed is Here!

I have been trying some behavior modification today to try to get the beasts to bond with their sumptuous new bed.  Mabel, especially, seems to enjoy nesting in the dog sofa- but there is a static electricity problem that I will need to deal with.  If they get shocks clambering in and out, I think they will head back to the couch.  They are still ruling the roost.  Last night Mabel barked me to bed- I thought she wanted to go out, but she wanted to go UP.  While I was in the bathroom showering and putting my PJs on, she dug a nice little spot for herself.  She actually tossed my decorative pillows onto the floor and yanked down the covers.  This is new.  P1020708.JPG

Another bachelorette refinement I have made is my microwave.  It is on Steve’s part of the vanity, and I use it to heat up the buckwheat sacks for my knee wrap.  Yes- I know it is the dumbest thing, ever- especially because the I Wave microwave is long on looks and extremely short on efficiency.  The bean bag sized pellets can take 5 minutes of microwaving.  I believe popcorn might take 10! Still, with Mabel sleeping in Steve’s slot, I can actually move around in the bed, and my knee feels a bit looser in the morning.  For some reason, arthritic/no cartilage knees throb at night.  Sleeping with it bent and tucked under my chin loosens the bone on boneness.  (Sure, I am making up words.) Every day I plan to call a new orthopedic surgeon to investigate minimally invasive knee replacement.  Every day I conveniently forget.  This must be done.  It is on my “to do while Steve is in Florida list”…..the appointment is, not the surgery.  I plan to use him as my nurse/cook after I do it.  That is why he favors Richard Berger at Rush- Ron Magers had a hip replaced, walked out, and was on air in 2 weeks.  Any recovery requiring more than 2 weeks will tax Steve’s patience.

When we share a time zone, Steve’s habit is to watch Comcast Sports at night.  He will re-watch a hockey game- heck- any game- and listen to every post game interview.  He does this with lights off.  In my new liberation, I have reverted to a forgotten habit of watching TV shows until the middle of the night. I like to start out with a magazine or book. The rustling of papers is strictly forbidden by Steve, so this is a rebellious reversion.   It is more fun now than in my ill spent youth. I don’t have to settle for an ancient movie; the DVR has a cafeteria of options awaiting me.    Last night I cleared a few NCIS episodes, Life Unexpected, Men of a Certain Age, and The Office. I elected to skip the American Idols languishing there.  I can live without 4 hours of tryouts.  Last year I watched in Pompano with Dad.  He excoriated every bad singer, every bad outfit, and every silly Paulaism- but he hit the early bird special so he could tune in to do so. “Sing, already,” he would order the contestant.  They eventually did.  He would score without mercy.  I have lost the heart for viewing it alone.  At 2:00 or 3:00 am I freak out that I am still awake, and turn out the lights.  Sometimes I revisit my habit of saying the rosary to hypnotize myself to sleep.  The dogs get up when they smell the coffee I program at night.  Either I need to watch less TV or re-set the timer for 9.  Guess it’ll be lights out by midnight from now on.  I do not want to have many bad habits to break when Steve comes home.  I predict that he is indulging in non-Janet sanctioned behaviors in his bachelor life.  Ice Cream slurping plays into his forbidden bed time activities.  He is in love with Blue Bell ice cream, and it has replaced me at bedtime.  Luckily for his cholesterol and weight,it is only available in the South.  Like the classic enabler, I read about it and bought him his first “hit” last year.  When we are finally co-residential, we may need separate bedrooms.  He can have the dogs.
Last night I skipped all news.  I watched the President address Congress and the nation, and I wanted to escape all punditry.  In the lovely land of Janet, politicians place the welfare of this great country of ours ahead of all petty squabbling.  It seems to me that Obama is pragmatically seeking consensus, while his own party and the GOP try to adhere to polarized enmity. Maybe this is what we have come to- entrenched divisiveness.  We need statesmen to forge ahead, sometimes voting with their heads and hearts, and not their party obligations.  We cannot continue to club one another over the heads, pointing fingers and waiting until the next election to even things up.  America could use some leadership- ears as well as mouths. The shrill cackling after the address on Facebook and Twitter depressed me. Respect for those who choose to take on the challenges we face is in short supply.  The lack of dialogue we see in government is echoed in the braying hostility in social networking sites.  Note to self: cleave those “friends” who use expletives and racist terms to create division.  Where there is dialogue and purpose, there is hope.  Where there is catcalling and ridicule- an abyss.
Governing is hard work, and without some teamwork, each party will take its turn landscaping only to have the next person in power dig everything up and start over.  It takes a 
long, long time with care and conscientious service to build a garden for the ages.  Unless some members of the House and Senate get down to working together, we will have fragile turf.  We will wither.   
Enough with the clapping, the standing and the nodding.  Enough with the not clapping, sitting and grumbling.  Americans elected 535 representatives to work hard for them.  It is time to get busy working, and not just posturing for folks back home or at party headquarters.  Right/Left, conservative/liberal, MSNBC/Fox- the polarity is paralyzing.  There is a wide road in the middle, and that is where America lives.  To our leaders:  feel free to visit.

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