Are you kidding me?

Who in the world thinks to highlight this stuff?  FOX and MSNBC win the Haiti ratings war.  God help us for this ridiculous perspective!  Tragedy makes for the ultimate reality programming, I guess.  

If the Huff Post wishes to highlight media accomplishments, they might want to take more note of the many broadcasters who were brave and moral enough to blend their roles, reporting the story while proffering logistical and medical help:  Aston, Besser, Gupta, Snyderman, Cooper.  This was an exceptional event: there simply were not enough Doctors to handle the crisis. To move into medical care was a giant leap of faith.  Non-medical personnel have assisted, too.   Camera men have functioned as security.  Correspondents have conveyed vital information to families.  It is not about the ogling.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta performs brain surgery on Haitian girl


Huff might also wish to dig a little deeper into what supplies and economy the Royal Caribbean cruise ships brought to the island rather than puffing up indignation to get clicks on their poll regarding “rich tourists on Haiti beaches”.  Sometimes appearances are deceiving.  Haiti asked the ships to keep coming. The clicks are counted and used as marketing tools.  Stop. 

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