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The Bed is Here!

I have been trying some behavior modification today to try to get the beasts to bond with their sumptuous new bed.  Mabel, especially, seems to enjoy nesting in the dog sofa- but there is a static electricity problem that I will need to deal with.  If they get shocks clambering in and out, I think... Read more »

It's a Dog's Life at the Dahl House

Here at the suburban abode, the dogs rebel against authority on a daily basis. They can poach a pot roast off of the kitchen counter in a nano second, and they have the sense to drag their booty to a shadowy corner so that they are not apprehended until the pan is clean. Last week... Read more »

Are you kidding me?

FOX, NBC win Haiti Ratings. Who in the world thinks to highlight this stuff?  FOX and MSNBC win the Haiti ratings war.  God help us for this ridiculous perspective!  Tragedy makes for the ultimate reality programming, I guess.   If the Huff Post wishes to highlight media accomplishments, they might want to take more note... Read more »

The Single Life

Steve is settling in to a hiatus in South Florida, and I am staying back in the Chicago area to attend to the dogs, the house, and life in general.  I am a Village trustee, and I have some obligations that preclude me from ditching for the winter.  We could not pull up stakes, anyhow:... Read more »

We are better than Rush...

The images from Haiti are heartbreaking; it looks like Hell on Earth.  It was not exactly Paradise before.  I have seen Haiti only once, in a fleeting afternoon excursion from a cruise ship.  Royal Caribbean borrowed/commandeered a tiny beach, named Labadee, and ferried cruisers for a picnic, music and beach time.  The actual population of... Read more »

Stephen Huneck

Whimsey takes its toll.  An artist I am very fond of, Stephen Huneck, who captured the steadfast devotion of dogs in his woodcuts and prints, has killed himself in Vermont.  He  built a Dog Chapel in East St. Johnsbury, Vermont, at the top of a hill called Dog Mountain.  Though some may  view this as... Read more »

Attention, shoppers... I’ll admit, I do not dress up to do the discount circuit, but I generally cover my bits.  I am not sure if the pictures on this site make Wal Mart the most wonderfully inclusive shopping option- or Hell on earth. My local store is not as delightfully entertaining as those featured on the... Read more »

The New Year

First off- Steve postponed his Florida exit strategy for one week. He remains in our frozen tundra. I could choose to believe it is because he cannot bear to leave me. That is magical thinking, but I like it. In truth, I think that he was so sturdy when he rushed home last year after... Read more »

Up...and away

Steve is headed South to Pompano Beach for respite from the cold / the midwest / the basement/ me. In truth, it is chilly there, with the Southern Belles bringing their wool and fur out of mothballs to counter the 60 degree days and the 40 degree nights.It will suit Steve just fine. So will... Read more »