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As the holidays wind down...

By now you probably recognize and appreciate the special time-wasting skill I have.  I learn a lot of things by noodling and exploring on my Mac, and most of this stuff is superfluous.  Kind of like me.  My computer is pretty much a hub for my mail and my pictures; I do not do creative... Read more »

Looking Back

Every year since 1994  I have written a Christmas letter to my family, and given the boys Christmas ornaments to commemorate the things they experienced.  I look back at the 12 months we have shared, and recap the good,  the bad and the ugly.  They get a few decorations to take with them when they... Read more »

All is Calm

We are on the other side of Christmas, and I am still basking in the glow.  With families blending, and kids trying to please all their extended families, my goal was to remain flexible.  And I did.  Kids spun in, migrated away, and there was only an hour on Christmas Day when we were “all... Read more »

It's coming on Christmas...

The snow that is falling here is going to complicate my last minute motif here in suburban Chicago. I chose to subvert my shopping gene to enhance my decorating and visiting gene. I have no regrets, but I think the kids will notice that the gifting is constricted. I don’t think they will care- they... Read more »

On the Road

I am in transit this weekend- a boomerang trip to Detroit.  It is the first Joliat holiday without our fearless leader, and my Motor City siblings wanted to unite for a nice family dinner.  I had opted out, knowing that I had over decorated, under shopped, and craved some time nestled in my glimmery world.... Read more »

Just an amazing outreach

I read this in USA today, and was so moved by the kindness of the gentleman who started this service.  He and his volunteers visit children who are either dying or losing a loved one, and provide comfort.  Children who bind their sorrow in resolve are sometimes willing to share their sorrow with Santa.  Such... Read more »


This Friday, Steve relinquished his basement hermit status to take me on a date that did not involve food or sports.  This is a rare occurrence, and I was touched by his gesture.  He knows I love going to the theater. For my birthday, I had been treated to Jersey Boys by my girlfriends.  They... Read more »

Decorating Madness

Years ago, I called Steve on the radio to rage at his indifference where Christmas preparation was concerned.  It is our holiday classic:  me, on the side of 2-94, punchlisting the orders he gave and his failure to help in any way. Things have not changed, even with Steve’s new house arrest.  He hides in... Read more »

A side trip...

My sister posted this video on her Facebook wall, and I just want to share.  This time of year we get all nutty about shopping and decorating, and we can forget that there are many people who are dealing with health issues- or worse, who postpone until “after the holidays”.  This group of medical professionals... Read more »

Home Again

It was a rude re-entry for me.  It is hard to leave Paradise, hard to come home to the Ruins, and really hard to forget my last, very bad piece of mahi mahi.  I believe it had percolated in the sun for a bit, and my entire system of digestion and equilibrium was affected.  Note... Read more »