As the holidays wind down...

By now you probably recognize and appreciate the special time-wasting skill I have.  I learn a lot of things by noodling and exploring on my Mac, and most of this stuff is superfluous.  Kind of like me.  My computer is pretty much a hub for my mail and my pictures; I do not do creative things there.  I read a zillion things, mostly news and such.  I scold myself when I venture to the lists of “it bags” or “ten celebrities we have seen enough of”- but I’m not going to lie, I stray.  Then I clear my history in shame, so Steve will not see that I have been perusing obituaries from my home town, or visiting bead stores.  He is much more purpose driven than I.  

Today I have been somewhat curious as to the health of Rush Limbaugh, though the media curtains are drawn around him.  Much as he would love being in the headlines, I think the stability of his 400 million dollar contract is of primary concern, both for him and for Clear Channel.  Who would step in to the tragic void of pomposity, if Rush was sidelined?  Glenn Beck, I suppose.  In my recent wandering, I have been able to tour Glenn’s 4 million dollar Connecticut mansion, now for sale.  It is lovely.  There is a ton of money in agitating and polarizing the American public.  And I am probably overreacting:  it does not take that much physical effort to blab- Rush could hold forth from his hospital room.  I’ll bet his health care plan is excellent, and he will rise from infirmity to continue his reign of terror upon the ditto heads. 
In the meantime, I have also canoodled at iphoto, and embellished a picture with New Year’s decorations snagged at picnik.  I sent this to Steve, and he winced in the knowledge that I have too much time on my hands.  I said in an earlier post that I would put Christmas decorations on Steve, if he would hold still long enough.  He won’t, so I will decorate his photographic image…
New Year.jpg
I can sympathize with his aversion to my madness- but the holiday spirit propels me.  I am already mourning the loss of my decorations, and he is trying to get out of town before we dismantle.  He told me that it would be fine to have the lights up until February if they please me.  Even I know that is a bold faced lie.  (Last year Eric Zorn highlighted late decoration removers, I do not wish to run afoul of his mandates) Also, I am not willing for the world to view me as a lazy idiot.  On the other hand, Frontgate is having its holiday divestment sale (another stop on my random web-perusing today) and I am considering the purchase of this decoration:detailFamilyTmp.jpegIt is a hundred dollars, and I think (maybe) I could keep it up and lit in my sunroom for the dark months ahead.  What do you think?  ( A p.s.- I ordered it.  I’ll let you know if it is tacky…)
At any rate, here is my last holiday timewaster.  It is my first attempt at a slide show, and the music ends too abruptly.  Those of you with kids at home should appreciate the technical support. My kids would be able to fluff this up with a few clicks.  But here it is, from Merry Janet, a little Christmas visit: Click the cryptic code and share my retrospective- with a couple of ghost visits from my Dad.

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