Reality Beckons

Home- we are headed home today.  It has been a week of family and love, with Hawaii as the beautiful backdrop.  I have rejoiced in every day, and I am well aware of the good fortune that brought me here.  With the boys grown and independent, we are very rarely all together.  This trip was a mother’s happiest dream.  Before I left, I made a playlist of Hawaiian holiday music.  Steve scrunched his face when he watched me hula to a slack key Silent Night, claiming it was not the holiday season yet.  Ah, but it is.  My holiday is anytime my family is with me.  

We all have lives of chaos and responsibility when we return.  Steve returns to his basement lair, to podcast and ponder the future of broadcasting.  Pat will be heading back to the Blackhawks, as they return from their Circus trip.  Rachel will have new duties at her elementary school, since her principal is on maternity leave.  Holding the lid on the kids at the holiday is a challenge.   Mike heads back to Comcast, Kathryn will resume her commuting to Yale for her consulting job, Matt will keep figuring out new ways to entertain at Mr. Skin, and Justine will resume her  work as a nurse at Northwestern.  Me?  Well, it IS the holiday season.  I am not much of a shopper with the bad knee and all- but I would crawl to decorate my house.  It is a sickness with me.

This year it will be a bit more difficult to decorate, since I have shifted the location of all my furniture, to allow the adoption of Mom and Dad’s stuff.  There (honestly)  is not one place to sit in the living room, except the piano bench.  But the entertainment cabinet I brought from Detroit looks swell.  Steve worries a little about me, but he is being a good sport.  His suggestion, that I do not decorate due to the chaos, has fallen upon deaf ears.  I would decorate him, if he would stand still.  After the holidays, I will get a couch.  And I had better watch some HGTV in that room to make some sense of my frenzy.  

I plan to hit the ground running on Monday.  My real goal is to create a place where the family will come to hug, and make memories.We all look better in the glow and glimmer.   I want peace.  Like I had here in Paradise.  

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