Day 2 in Paradise

The ocean has its usual chop, and I am going to be a brave sailor and go out to the Molokini crater and watch the family descend.  Rachel and Kathryn have been certified by our friend, Pat Hammer of Scuba Emporium, so I know they are ready.  Both of them have dived in a cold, dark quarry to get their open water credentials.  I think the Pacific will hold far more joy and light.  I will be up top, following their bubbles and chatting with Matt’s girlfriend, Justine.  We may or may not snorkel.  My main concern is how to keep from burning, and to disguise the ruins.  At my age, cover ups are the key to self-respect.  

Hawaii is the land of the professionally healthy.  Fish is abundant, and the beauty of the land encourages exercise.  I have seen 70 year old men with six packs, running in flip flops.  I am ashamed.  My left knee, sans a scintilla of cartilage, actually feels better in the moist climate.  If I was here for any length of time, I just might get on a health kick.  I have been choosing fish for dinner- but I still cannot resist the Hula pie.  Life is short.  Chocolate is a vitamin.  P1020235.JPG

The Dahl Boys and their Co-Captain

We had a lovely dinner at Leilani’s on the Beach last night, complete with mai tais and the aforementioned pie. The goal was to obscure the irritation with the Bears.  Matt shaved off his beard, but left his Ditka mustache in honor of the good old days.  I hope that it vanishes this morning, or he will have weird tan lines on his face.  I suppose that is not of concern to him.  I will post pictures of our adventure later on.  It occurs to me that at this point in life, if the SS Minnow was to crash, I would be Lovey.  Crap.  Oh, well- at least I will have a trio of Mariannes, and no Ginger.  Matt will be Gilligan.  Steve will be the Captain.  Matt will be the Professor.  And Mike- well, he is always the cruise director.  I know- that is another show  More later….

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