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Reality Beckons

Home- we are headed home today.  It has been a week of family and love, with Hawaii as the beautiful backdrop.  I have rejoiced in every day, and I am well aware of the good fortune that brought me here.  With the boys grown and independent, we are very rarely all together.  This trip was... Read more »

Giving Thanks, 2009

Thanksgiving is a holiday that has no hardened traditions for me.  When I was young, I would nag my Dad to take me to the Lions game so I could avoid the kitchen drudgery.  My Dad took me because no one wanted to sit in the frigid Briggs Stadium. I never learned how to make... Read more »

Turkey Time

It has always struck me as silly that the POTUS has to pardon a turkey at Thanksgiving.  Who starts these customs?  I could google it and find out- but I’ll let you do the work.  The White House must share my feelings, because they are spoofing themselves in You Tube videos.  People get their shorts... Read more »

Paradise, Day 3

The next time I come here to Hawaii,(note the optimism)   I will have a new knee and less girth.  I am still on Chicago time, and so I rise in time to see the parade of joggers and runners starting their day with an ocean view and a healthy regimen.  I am feeling pretty... Read more »

Day 2 in Paradise

The ocean has its usual chop, and I am going to be a brave sailor and go out to the Molokini crater and watch the family descend.  Rachel and Kathryn have been certified by our friend, Pat Hammer of Scuba Emporium, so I know they are ready.  Both of them have dived in a cold,... Read more »


It just does not seem right to be writing a blog from my patio in Maui.  I realize how spoiled I am, and I do not want to unleash any rage.  But I cannot just drop off the earth for a week without inviting you to come along with us.  The years that Steve traveled... Read more »

Birthdays and Holidays

Today my husband turned 55- double nickels as he has baptized it-and due to my hysterical Catholic nature, we are not celebrating.  I have a higher purpose- packing and planning.  Tomorrow we embark upon the most wondrous family experiences- the family vacation.  Steve booked this trip to our time share (interval ownership, he insists) last year-... Read more »

Before the holidays take over your life....

My sister Marie was at the bank last week, and the man at the window next to hers was making a balance inquiry. He had a job interview, and wanted to see if there was gas money in his account after he paid his phone bill. He had one job, but needed another to get... Read more »

We can all be of service

Last night I wanted to give my thoughts to our veterans, and so I sought out programming that would instill gratitude.  Well, I hit the Mother of all programs on PBS with a documentary titled The Way We Get By.  It was a documentary about a group of senior citizens who greet the thousands of... Read more »

To those who serve, Thank You

Today we honor those who have blessed our country with their service.  Some have made the ultimate sacrifice, but all have placed themselves second, after country.  The military life is inherently one of discipline and self denial.  Some see horrors, and some simply apply themselves to the grinding needs of a massive nation, flawed but... Read more »