Life going on

I am still in Detroit, and the loss of the Olympic bid has a little perspective for me. 

My brother has emerged from his surgery, and I am in awe of the medical profession.  A heart re-route is such a terrifying prospect, but the doctors, anesthesiologists and nurses are like robots, methodically repairing the damage.  They saw 7 blockages, harvested arteries and did the job in three grafts.  Blood flow is good, and Mike is in ICU.  There were more tubes and monitors than I could count.  We said “good bye”at 6 am, and at 1pm  Mike looked like a sci-fi experiment, safely recovering under a warming blanket. He was a good candidate- low weight, never smoked, good cholesterol, rare drinker.  Sadly, the Joliat genes gave him gummy-plaque, and his coronary arteries were glad to play host.  Now he has a new lease on life.  All of us are uncomfortable in the knowledge that 2 uncles died, and 5 cousins have tested positive for this so far. We are looking for a bulk rate on the calcium scoring test.  The folks in the surgical waiting area with us yesterday were more optimistic: they were feasting on mile-high nachos, with a bakery chaser.  We went out and chose salads and gazpacho soups.  I’m sure it is temporary insanity on our part, or the first day of the rest of our lives. 

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