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Simple pleasures

I am a professional time waster, and so I have a few internet stops that I dally at.  One is the homesite of PAWS where I love to enjoy the raw joy in the faces of the adopting families.  I try to stay away from the “dogs available” page, as I have two dogs already,... Read more »

Sisters' Weekend

I am typing this for a delayed posting, since I am off to Michigan for colors and sisters.  Judy and I are in Chicago, Marie and Jennifer are in Detroit.   We will meet in New Buffalo (not halfway, but a tradition) this weekend for our annual get together.  We failed to merge last Autumn,... Read more »

This is a Tribune conflict of interest....promoting my kid..

but I am proud of my family. So I must state that Pat works for the Blackhawks. (due diligence)   He creates video content for their website, as well as promotional video and occasionally stuff that appears on the scoreboard.  He and his feisty crew at the United Center- er- Madhouse on Madison- created this... Read more »

Congratulations, Olympic International Committee

As noted in this article, the crime wave in Rio related to drug wars will require a little work before 2016.  The stakes must be very high, as often is the case in impoverished landscapes, for a police helicopter to literally be incinerated in the middle of the city.  Apparently the pilot was strafed, and... Read more »

11 years

This weekend marks the 11th anniversary of my Mother’s death.  She was a gentle soul with a will of iron, and she passed over in a gentle way- in her sleep.  Her family was her life, and her life was a good one.  I left Detroit when I was 28, and so my life was... Read more »

Book Club

Our Book Club, the Bookbags, met on Tuesday to discuss a fine novel by Kathryn Stockett, The Help.  She was rejected 45 times after she submitted her manuscript, but #46 worked like a charm.  The book gives a voice to a group of Mississippi maids, laboring for Junior League-ish women of the early 60’s. I was a little... Read more »

Educational Leadership seems like an oxymoron sometimes

The New York Times carried this story, of a 6 year old suspended after bringing camping silverware to school.  I was on a school board for 8 years, and I am well aware of the difficulties that arise in local districts.  Budgets are tight, and legal challenges can wick funds away from education.  The easiest... Read more »

Good Luck, Marathoners

Tomorrow is the day that finds Chicago clogged with brave folks attempting to cover 26.2 miles of urban terrain on foot.  My brother Mike, of the triple bypass, ran the Chicago marathon about 15 years ago.  He had trained extensively, and at the time it was his crowning glory. 15 years ago, he was sure... Read more »

Home stretching

It has been a week since we sat in the waiting room as the surgeon repaired Mike’s blood flow.  Modern medicine astounds us. Life confounds us.  These first, tentative steps to a healed life have both terrified and gratified.  All the Joliats have juggled optimism and fear. We all personalize the experience, because we all... Read more »

In Tiger Town

I am still in Detroit, though I suppose I am neither decorative nor functional.  I believe my Janter is an annoyance, but my intentions are good.  Five days after open heart surgery, my brother has taken up residence in the Homewood Suites in order to be close to his doctors and hospital should any complications... Read more »