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A PS about Gameday at the Dahls

                         Pat came to the Dahl Bears game buffet from work, and he had the camera he filmed Blackhawks practice with.  Matt Dahl imposed upon him to make this NFL sanctioned short film, Soft Knocks, featuring the camera excellence and instant editing of Pat and... Read more »

I'm Always Ready for some Football

It was an inauspicious start to Family Football, 2009-2010.  As the mother of three boys, (now men) I have made it my business to create a good game-watching family room.  A 50-inch flat screen has replaced my mantle d├ęcor.  Surround sound jars my sensibilities and jingles my decorations.  A big sectional invites the crowd in;... Read more »

Just in case you missed it

Al Franken is a Harvard man and a SNL veteran.  I wonder where he learned this skill?

The Pension Mess

I am suffering a bout of insomnia, and so I have been trolling the internet, attempting to become sufficiently world-weary so I can log more sleep.  The Sun Times site featured a story on state pensions, and promised a slide show of folks who have excessive pensions.  I will tell you that I am familiar... Read more »

Why Women Have Sex

Today’s Sun Times mentioned that there is a new book out by Cindy Meston and David Buss, that surveyed 1000 women to discern their attitudes about sex. Among the land mines within these pages is the information that 84% of all women will have sex to keep the peace.  Among other net gains from sex... Read more »

Life Above the Podcast

Today is the day that Steve starts his daily Dahl podcast.  He has been working so hard on the technology and logistics, as have all the people that you know as the radio family.  He wants to let the actual content start as a seed and germinate, so I guess I can expect today’s inaugural... Read more »

Here is a Great Labor Day Reminder

Mary Schmich is a wonderful writer, and she has created a great sequel to her ubiquitous “Wear Sunscreen” message for graduates. In honor of Labor Day- and don’t we all labor in some way- enjoy her observations on having success in the workplace, and by extension, in life.  The Tribune is enriched by her humanity.... Read more »

America in Paralysis

The President of the United States wants to give a motivational speech directed at school kids. Our own export, Arnie Duncan, has facilitated this action.  Obama hopes to speak to the value of persistence and hard work- the value of education.  To allow schools to justify the use of time, the Department of Education comes... Read more »

Paying Respects with Twitter?

DJ Am overdosed, and died.   The heart felt 140 character wishes are heartwarming.  Twitter is a lame way to say goodbye.  If I die in the near future, save your 140 keystrokes.  Just say a prayer, or say nothing.  But PLEASE- no tweets.

Charles is Leaving the Building

Charles Gibson has announced that he is exiting ABC’s World News Tonight in January, after  almost 35 years.  I love Charles Gibson.  Charlie, I like to call him.  He is that amazing stew of knowledge and experience, along with the “guy next door” affect.  He is my smart buddy.  I trust his news.  I love... Read more »