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I am in the Motor City to be with my family.  Mike, my 57 year old brother, will have quadruple bypass surgery tomorrow.  He is fit and healthy- but our Joliat side has a genetic defect whereby we lack an enzyme to manage cholesterol, and plaque sticks like crazy glue in our arteries. I say... Read more »

A Spectacular Failure

The Delicious apple is a beautiful specimen, with its oversized promise, and the waxy shiny skin.  But it is an inferior apple, mealy and unsatisfying.  It is a compromise, and eating it results from diminished expectations or a lack of choice.  Chicago is like that apple:  dazzling, beautiful on the surface, but letting the city’s... Read more »

Worth reading, Republican or Democrat

This piece on the Tribune’s op-ed page should be read.  Leadership is earned, and the work is hard.  Pandering to the lowest common denominator will not unite the Republican party.  It may cause unbalanced apostles to act with what they believe is moral authority.  Could fanned flames of anti-government rage be connected to the death... Read more »

Ups and Downs

I have been remiss in posting; it has been a big week-a roller coaster week.  I had a birthday Monday, with Rachel had a birthday on Thursday, and we had planned a family fest at Carnivale for Thursday night.  I have always wanted to eat there, and it did not disappoint.  The food was beautiful... Read more »

I just renewed my books-a-million card, but....

I may be more of a stranger at my bookstore.   I am a Kindle Girl!  I have lusted for an electronic reader for a long time.  I love books, love to read, and I cling to every book I love as if it is an orphan child.  I want to place them in good... Read more »

I am a Michigan Girl, but I am glad to share

I have documented my melancholy at the end of Summer, but there are gifts in the days ahead.  The best place to be breathless is Michigan.  

Lie down with Dogs, Get up with Fleas

I cannot do  Fox News.  They have anointed themselves the Tea Party outlet, and they are welcome to front that group.  But I will not get my news there.  Ever.  Chris Wallace can say he is not “like Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity” but he is tied to them by his FOX affiliation.  He went... Read more »

On the cusp of Autumn

We are midway on a trip to Grand Rapids for a wedding- an overnight in New Buffalo is just the antidote to the White Sox meltdown.  Steve did not even ask about the score!  It is a bittersweet time to be here- boats are lugged out of the water and shrink wrapped, the streets are... Read more »

So Long White Sox, Hello Tigers

There were six Joliat kids, and we were in charge of our own fun.  We would jump on our bikes and race away at every opportunity, just to escape the chores my Mom assigned.  She was an evil genius:  we had to dust and vacuum everyday, and do the laundry folding and ironing.  The house... Read more »

The Quality of Mercy

Just a few blocks from this computer, Christopher Kelly’s funeral is taking place.  Of course, Rod and Patty are there, and at this point, I can concede they are in a “no-win” spot- if they go, they will draw public scrutiny; if they do not, they are not the “true, best friends” of CK and... Read more »