I am in the Motor City to be with my family.  Mike, my 57 year old brother, will have quadruple bypass surgery tomorrow.  He is fit and healthy- but our Joliat side has a genetic defect whereby we lack an enzyme to manage cholesterol, and plaque sticks like crazy glue in our arteries. I say “our” but the entire clan has not been tested for CAD.(coronary artery disease)  My Dad lost two brothers of sudden ischemic episodes when they were in their 50’s, and so we have always monitored and treated our cholesterol…BUT coronary artery disease is not always lock-step with bad HDL and LDL and triglyceride numbers.  The calcium test is the tool best able to detect this-it is not covered by insurance-yet it will save my brother’s life.  He has not had a heart attack, and the muscle is good.  So in effect he will get a reset odometer- but it will be a bit harrowing.  Beaumont Hospital is a wonderful facility, and he is confident and calm.  I have taken my Janter on the road, and I expect that poor Mike will suffer the most from my conversational detours.  Nerves bring out the worst in me.  

I will be distracted, I expect, but it will help to sort of purge here, if that is all right with you.  And if it wouldn’t kill you- add 4 fish oil capsules to your regimen.  Thanks.

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